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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 3, 2009 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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right now on msnbc saturday, a tale of two cities in chicago. celebration in rio, the fallout from the windy cities loss. on the jobs front, what do
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the latest unemployment numbers tell us about the economy? is the economy in reverse. secret naked photos of this women, aaron andrews, plus -- scaring the living daylights out of people. it looks a lot like it's real-life. we're going to talk to somebody who's seen it. good morning, i'm alex whit. rio dee nar row won the bid for the olympics. president obama was disappointed chicago didn't get the bid, but happy with the effort. >> one of the things most valuable about sports is you can play a great game and still not win. so, although, i wish we had
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better news from copenhagen, i could not be prouder of my hometown, chicago. joining us live, david epstein, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> an analyst said this was one of the best bids ever put forth to an olympic committee, yet a first round loss. what happened? >> it was a great bid, compact. it was a bad year between the olympic committee. they tried to start its own television network to broadcast the olympics, then backed off. there's relationship repairing to do there. they were not on great terms at this point. public opinion polls were showing less support as they got toward the vote in chicago. mayor dailey said we're not
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going to sign the contract that says chicago is on the hook for a run, then did an about face and did it. they don't like to see the public opinion go out. that was not good. thirdly, my colleague was reporting, tokyo got fewer votes in the second round than the first round. >> let's talk about that. where would that be, between rio, madrid? >> if people don't think they are going to win, they don't want to be embarrassed. some of the reporting they did, he's an expert and deep into the reporting. he knew tokyo was expected to go out early, madrid next. they thought, hey, let's not embarrass them in the first round. you are supposed to vote for the bid you think is best. if that's happening, it doesn't
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make sense they have fewer votes in the second round. >> i see what you are saying. what about rio. are you surprised they got the bid? what did they put in the bid that chicago did not? >> i'm not surprised they got the bid. they spread it around the world. you are talking an emerging economy. a continent that has soccer. it's not year-round filled with sports like us. this, the way they did in beijing elevates from a sporting event to a world event. can rio handle it. the first games in south america. >> we were trying to be simplistic in figuring out what rio had yesterday as we were all speculating. the fact they brought the map that showed all the red dots around the world where the olympics were held, totally blank for the continent of south america. was that a visual where people
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said a-ha? >> it went well. they showed they could run an event. chicago can't compete with that. they have a good bid and a whole continent that hasn't had an olympics. it's huge. it's hard to compete with that even though chicago had a great bid. >> thanks for getting up early. keep it here on msnbc, we're going to take you to rio de janeiro. miguel is in the middle of it. a newborn baby boy snatched from his tennessee home. they have found him alive and well in alabama. the woman expected of taking him is now is custody and being questioned by police. surveillance video helped track her down. she entered her nashville home tuesday, stabbed her with a kitchen knife before taking the
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baby. the mother is recovering from the attack. robert joe halderman is free on bail today. he's charged for trying to blackmail david letterman. he confessed to having sex with women who worked with him. he's on suspension from cbs. he was desperate and deep in debt. his lawyer says his client is innocent. >> this story is far more complicated than what you heard this afternoon. it's far more complicated than the two-minute statement by the district attorney. this is not the time to discuss it. there's another side to the story. i'm not telling it today. it's not the open and shut case you just heard about. >> all of letterman's relationships took place before his marriage in march. a reporter who was secretly
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taped nude. a 48-year-old has been taken into custody and charges for taking the video of erin andrews. after learning of the arrest, she is greatly relieved. let's go to politics. they say the recession is over. it's not the reality many americans are living in. president obama reacts to news that 263,000 more american jobs van i vanished in september, bringing the total loss to 7.2 million. >> yesterday's report on job losses was a sign that progress comes in fits and starts. we need to grind out the
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recovery, step-by-step. >> i'm joined by mike viqueira, good morning, mike. >> good morning. >> the unemployment rate is a lagging indicator, trying to walk the line saying the recovery is under way. we could be out of the recession as ben bernanke says and trying to make people understand the jobless rate is going to continue. it's going to be above 10% and they are sticking to it. they are trying to explain why health care reform is necessary. people in jobs are afraid to leave their jobs because they would not get health insurance, they cannot afford health insurance, it's forcing employers to cut back on providing it to employees. republicans are using this to hammer the president saying what
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about the stimulus package? this was supposed to help solve all these problems, including the unemployment rates. candace miller is a republican in michigan. here is what she had to say in response to the president's internet address. >> democrats are redoubling their efforts to implement policies to stretch budgets further and pile more debt on our children and grandchildren. of course, a costly government takeover of health care is there. >> reporter: republicans hammering away on the health care reform plan put forward by democrats. also, never failing to mention the energy legislation, the so-called cap and trade legislation that republicans have been calling a job killer all along. >> mike viqueira, at the white house, thank you. another storm slammed into the philippines, typhoon parma.
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it brought more heavy rains from regions suffering. it was caused by another storm. last week, it killed nearly 300 people. prior to the storm's arrival, tens of thousands of people evacuated to safer ground. military and police are on alert. back in the states, bone-chilling weather for colorado. friday, a record setting 26 degrees was reported at denver international airport. two to four inches of snow caused fender benders. some say they were not prepare ed for the winter-like weather. why should they be? it just turned october. let's get the latest from bill. >> good saturday morning to you. we have a lot of rain to track. heavy rain on long island with thunderstorms popping up on the radar. it's going to move up to rhode
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island. it's going to be a wet saturday. eastern new england is where the worst of it will be. maine will be wet later today. michigan, it's cool, the leaves are dropping, especially in northern michigan. it's breezy from grand rapids to chicago. showers in the forecast. one area that doesn't usually get wet weather, southern arizona. extreme eastern new england through southern texas. we have beautiful weather in atlanta to memphis. all the way back to california. it's cooler this weekend than last weekend. enjoy. back to you. >> thanks so much. the fallout for the pitch for the olympics. did the president take a political hit? also, starbucks tries to mix it up in an instant. will consumers like what they
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msnbc is the place for politics. new this morning on the reports showing 263,000 jobs were lost in september. president obama says the key to creating new jobs is health care reform. the president says new insurance rules would give people the confidence to strike out on their own and start new businesses. >> this is something i hear about from entrepreneurs i meet. people have a good idea and expertise to build it into a
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thriving business. many can't take the leap because they can't afford to lose the health insurance they have at their current job. >> good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> how much can the health care -- people are still losing their jobs. >> i think this is one of the ways to help build support for the health care bill. people are concerned about the economy and deficit. if you paint it as helping the economy and bringing more jobs, it can work. you heart about it in the stimulus money. that's really not the bigger issue here. the bigger issue here is what's going to happen on capitol hill. he'll talk about it again on monday. you'll hear more about it in the coming days. >> the senate committee did it. senate majority leader, harry reed says it was going to start
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mid-month. how long is the debate going to take and how heated do you think it's going to be. >> the movie "where the wild things are" is coming out and that's my preview. you're going to get as you saw in the finance committee, a lot of unrelated amendments slapped on the bill relates to a.c.o.r.n. funding and the so-called czars in the obama administration. you'll see a make or break moment on the public option. this was defeated in the senate finance committee. you are going to have a floor vote in the senate. you have some democratic senators saying they won't support a bill without the public option. others saying no, way, it's a deal breaking for us. you're going to have a lot of votes and a lot of time on the senate floor. you'll have the posters we love seeing from the senate floor as
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well. >> we're going to switch to the olympics. the president's trip to copenhagen didn't help the bid. what did it do to the president's image here at home? >> it's not great. him going and making this last minute effort, then them losing in the first round, it's a disappointment for everybody. it's not what's going to be in the history books for president obama. his statement friday saying our olympians are going to compete and we wish rio all that luck. that's what he needed to say. it's not great. it doesn't help him. in the long run, it's not going to matter. >> do you think the chicago crony's let him down? >> perhaps. it's something that was a very expensive bid to begin with. the united states hosted the olympics several times in recent memory. rio never has. canada is about to get it. i think that was part of the decision as well. united states was never the
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favorite. president obama going over there may have helped a little bit or it may not have made a difference. they may have been knocked out in the first round anyway. >> thanks, again. >> thanks. tomorrow on "meet the press," a key member for what's next on iran's nuclear plan. it's tomorrow when david gregory interviews susan rice. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." check your sunday listings. the nation's unemployment rate is 9.8%. it's a 26-year high. the numbers igniting concerns that the labor market may be a long way off. three banks in michigan, minnesota and colorado were shut. this brings the total to 98. today marks one year since t.a.r.p. went into effect. pullback on halloween spending
7:21 am
this year. the foundation expects people will spend $10 less this year. as far as costumes go, one costume company predicts the top sellers michael jackson, farrah fawcett, ed mcmahon and billy mays. starbucks just unveiled a new instant coffee. it's available in thousands of locations, including airlines and office depot. joining me live to talk all things coffee and money, vera gibbons. good morning. >> good morning. >> i think people know our relationship with starbucks. >> every day. >> anyway, let's get to the instant coffee. why now? >> starbucks have been losing
7:22 am
customers. they are trying to win customers back, drive traffic. by being in the new places, they are hoping to expand the brand and bring people in and get away from being the 5 dlarls coffee drinks. >> we think of starbucks as being everywhere and having all the coffee, you know, addicts out there. but, it's not true. the instant coffee market is huge. it's far bigger. >> $21 billion market. it's not big here. it's big in europe, alex. they are trying to tap into this market because it is so huge. they are trying to change the image of instant. they have been working on it for 20 years. they have it down to a science. it tastes good. it tastes as good as the regular stuff. >> do you know what consumers
7:23 am
are saying? i took a taste test. >> what did you think? ? >> i could tell which was instant, but i preferred it. i thought it was terrific. >> the reviews are mixed. some are saying that. some saying it's not as good. a main gripe is price. it's a little pricey here. it's 2.95 for a three-pack. under $1 a cup, but there are cheaper alternatives. it's one of the main gripes. so, there are cheeper alternatives. it's a concern. >> more to come with you. >> thanks. there's a snail invasion in mobile, alabama. it's kind of gross. they are going to try to poison them out of two ponds and a creek. they seem harmless, but they say they are destroying all the plants in their path and leaving
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and consider carefully before investing. rescuers in indonesia still searching for survivors three dais after the massive earthquake. one sent a text message in the hopes of being found. they are working frantically to reach him. we have more in the disaster area in padang. what can you tell us, ian? >> reporter: i'm out there now. rather at the remains of it watching people dig away at the rubble. now, supplemented by experts overseas. we have seen groups come in from 14 different kucountries bringi dogs. they are joining the search. the hotel that you mentioned collapsed completely.
7:28 am
they think there's still possibly 40 or 50 bodies in the rubble. they believe some are alive. rescue workers say they could hear the sounds of life and voices in the rubble. they have been trying to find a way of getting in. asking rescue workers to be careful. be careful with the diggers because they didn't want more rubble brought down on them. the effort is greatly encouraged by yesterday's scene. we saw the remains of a local school when two young women were dragged out alive, a student and her young teacher. the indonesian authorities say up to 3,000 could be buried in the rubble across here. what we are seeing is a
7:29 am
dramatically increased effort and renewed sense of hope thanks to the rescues yesterday. >> thank you for the update. we'll check in with you, again. appreciate that. will iran make good on its talk to world efforts we'll find out. this is msnbc saturday. announcer: right now,
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msnbc is the place for politics. after five hours in copenhagen pushing for chicago olympic games, the president returns to the u.s. empty handed and taking criticism for the trip in the first place. i'm joined by richard wolffe. good morning, richard, good to see you. >> good morning, alex. good to see you, again. >> is this an embarrassment for
7:33 am
the president, or not? >> it is. he made a big gamble. it's a high stakes event, very high profile. he's got other political health cares like health care and political talks with iran. yeah, it's an embarrassment with chicago getting 18 votes, not a good performance. >> what about what rush limbaugh did calling yesterday the worst day of obama's presidency. obama took his high off the bigger issues like the rising unemployment. the president says i see nothing wrong with promoting the u.s. what is the short and long term political fallout from all this? >> it's more short than long term. the bigger issue here, i suspect something more important are things like the unemployment
7:34 am
rate that we saw ticking up yesterday and being stubbornly high. it's much more important to the american people. the critics have to be careful. there's something about waving the flag, not just for chicago, but for america that it's hard to criticize. on the other hand, was it a distraction on his time? yes. absolutely. there's a political damage as well. look, this could have been a good week in one sense. the administration made some significant gains and advances in terms of talks with iran and the nuclear program. all of that is lost now in the mix about unemployment and the olympics, too. >> while he was in denmark, all is not lost in terms offing. he met with commander mcchrystal. they are on opposite ends of the debate. what are the chances of finding
7:35 am
middle ground here? was it a good way to spend four and a half hours? >> it was a 25 minute meeting on air force one on the tarmac. they jammed it in. the president talked face-to-face with a commander on the field of the biggest battleground he's got. but, the two of them don't see eye-to-eye, but whether or not there could be a reconciliation with the taliban. that is not a debate that is playing out effectively for either side, certainly not for the administration as a whole. i don't know that that rescues this trip in some fashion. they sort of misread the possibility of looking good by going to copenhagen. >> a lot has been made of the fact that since june, the president only spoke with mcchrystal twice before meeting for the first time in person yesterday. is this amount of interaction unusual given the circumstances
7:36 am
given everything that e's at stake? >> well, it depends on what you compare it to. president bush would have the secure video conferences with the commanders all the time. the question is, was he listening or just hearing what he wanted to hear? this is a debate that e's playe out with mcchrystal on one side and members of the obama administration on the other. it's been playing out in full on the front pages of the newspaper. documents have been leeked. it's happening in an open way. i don't know that face-to-face contact is going to change that dynamic. clearly, there's no illusion on either side about where they are both coming from. the tough thing is not about the number of troops, it's about the political future of afghanistan. can you get the taliban involved? do you have to fight them as if they are al qaeda? that's the big point of difference.
7:37 am
>> all right, richard wolffe, nice to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. straight from nbcs political unit. here is a sign of still many people having trouble holding on to their homes, hundreds lining up in phoenix to get free counseling about how to stay out of foreclosure. some people flew to phoenix from other states to take advantage of that opportunity. there's a new movie giving many audience members the creeps. "paranormal activity" is a thriller. a home is invaded by a strange and unwelcome guest. they try to figure out what is going bump in the night. it's anything but a friendly ghost. >> it's a weird sound. >> something is here. i can feel it breathing on me. it's not a ghost. >> joining me live is washington
7:38 am
times film critic. good morning. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> good. i'm curious what you thought when you saw the movie? is it scary? >> it's about a couple who move in together and come to terms with a demon that's been haunting the girl for her whole life. it's an interesting and tension-filled movie. they use the unseen and the thing that is go bump in the night to scare audiences. >> okay. what about the marketing campaign that's in place? it's a unique way of going about things. how is the word getting out there? >> it's fascinating. this is a small movie. it's not been advertised on television as far as i know. it's used the movie blogs and the internet to get word out there. they threw together a trailer
7:39 am
from a preview screening that emphasized how terrified the audience was. it got a lot of play on movie blogs. what was really interesting is that not only is it not getting a wide release, it's not getting many play dates. it's playing in 33 theaters now, only at midnight for the next week or two weeks. it's making a ton of money, relatively speaking, relative to how many times it's playing. >> they took it to college towns thinking that would be the target audience. they had to sign a document that said, look, we want this. bring it to our town and other college towns like this. >> that's rikt. the website had a feature where you could demand to bring it to your town. if you got enough people to click on the we demand button, they would bring the movie to your town. it opened in 13 sights. it's expanded to 20 more for a total of 33 this weekend. >> a lot of comparisons have
7:40 am
been made between this film and the "blare witch project." it was low cost. do you see comparisons and which is the better film? >> i can see the comparisons. the "blare witch project" got a marketing campaign. they used the internet to get buzz and awareness up. this movie did a similar job. they are very similar in terms of being low budget movies with few actors. you know, it's got the hand held cinema feel. they are both very scary. people forget how terrifying the "blare witch project" was. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. the nuclear stand off with iran. is it over or just delayed? we'll see what's next. on the fo, i work with a partner. this is mine, blitz. i can't do this job without him,
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now, the ongoing recovery efforts in the samoan islands. it left widespread destruction and is responsible for hundreds of deaths. let's go live to george lewis in american samoa. george, with a good morning, what is the latest from there? >> reporter: well, the latest is they have ended the search andres cue effort. they think they have found everybody they are going to find. the death rate at 32. they are in the recovery phase. they are trying to clean up the rubble. fema is helping people rebuild. there's 245 disaster relief workers on the ground here. flights of c-17, transport aircraft from the airports are coming in. five c-17s bringing tons of
7:45 am
supplies. they have food and hundreds of tents to house the homeless. about 1,000 people are housed in temporary shelters. the effort now is aimed toward recovery. this town is centuries old. it goes back among generations and generations of samoans. about a third of it is in ruins. population about 3,000 people. many people fled to higher ground. some say they don't want to come back to the low ground for the time being. it's too scary here. the tsunami hit without warning. there was no siren, no advanced warning. people just saw the wave coming and started running for higher ground. a lot of people knew instinctively when they felt the earthquake, they should get away fwr the water. that's why they think the death toll is so low. >> what is the top priority now. where are they focusing their
7:46 am
attention now, the rescue workers and aid workers? >> reporter: they want to make sure people have shelter, food, water and the basic necessitien. they want to make sure the whole island is taken care of, then the rebuilding will start. >> thank you for the live report. new this morning, iran getting a visit from the iaea. the iranians will discuss a broad range of issues including an enrichment facility. it comes after iran accepted demands to allow u.n. inspectors into its plant. "the new york times" says officials in the o bbama administration are waiting to see if iran is serious of vying for time. james, senior fellow --
7:47 am
lawrence, i'll be gin with you. it's early to judge the results. predictions. will the face-to-face talks work and are you in favor of face-to-face talks. >> the iranians have agreed the atomic agency inspectors to come in and look at the plan. the second thing, they agree to transfer low enriched uranium to russia to turn it into peaceful uses. they will have less material to make atomic weapons. >> james, you are against face-to-face talks, why? >> everybody is for talking, but you want to posture your talks for success. i'm not sure the administration did that. we had a government in iran that went through a controversial election and was weakened. the way we structure the talks,
7:48 am
we've given them credibility and take back the initiative and take off pressure for sanctions. i'm not sure we are posturing for success. >> lawrence, a new york times article reads a risk the iranians may play for time as they have been accused of doing in the past, making promises encouraging more meetings among the western allies to break. bha wha is your reaction to that? >> there's no doubt they might try to play for time. it's why when president obama announced the fact they are going to let the inspectors back in and transfer the low enriched uranium. you have to weeks to let the inspectors in. if the iranians do stall or not live up to what they agreed to, we will have more support for taking stronger actions because we have been willing to talk to
7:49 am
them face-to-face without preconditions. previously, when we didn't do that, they kept on enriching the uranium. >> james, what can be gain ed from staying the course for policy? >> not necessarily. it's not necessarily the best policy. it's not like the bush administration never tried to talk to iran. they tried to set preconditions. we set knonone. i have seen reporting they are not going to let people in like they said. if they see an administration willing to negotiate, we'll get to something that looks like a deadline and they will offer something and the administration says we'll give them more time. they can play that for months and years. they can make a lot of progress in the nuclear weapons program in a year or two. >> lawrence, why should we believe anything is going to change? why would the past behavior
7:50 am
change? what is the incentive? >> you have to go back and look at the fact the iranians helped us in afghanistan. after that, president bush adepted a policy of regime change. they offered to negotiate everything with us back in 2003. the bush administration turned them down. we are getting back to where we should have been five years ago. i also agree, right now, they are weaker, given the internal problems they have at home and any ratcheting up of the sanctions is going to make life more difficult which will weaken support for the regime. they are willing to move in a direction that they haven't been a year or so ago before the elections. >> what about the possibility of military action? do you invision a scenario where it could happen? >> not from the u.s. the israelis are more uncertain. you know, i disagree with larry
7:51 am
completely. the point is the situation is very, very different than in 2003. this government is weaker, but they gave more power to the extremists. they are more committed to the weapons program. the likelihood of negotiating successful the answer is less. israelis are going to increasingly have pressure. they don't think the u.s. is going to be successful. they are uranium program will move faster and they're not get to the targets. israelis may be single window closing here and may act with a year. >> okay. james and larry, guys, thank you so much. appreciate your time and insight. >> thank you. still ahead for some, it's the missing link in the battle for health care reform, but could it come back before any bill goes to president obama? you're watching msnbc saturday. is right for your body.
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the man charged with getting money back from madoff is now suing his family for $200 million. want to get this quickly in there. saying madoff's brother used bernie's business money like a piggy bank to finance their lavish lifestyle. saying those members and employers didn't do their job. if they did, the ponzi scheme would not have continued for so long. more coming up later this morning. meantime is it a breakthrough? senators voting this week on the health care debate on a final series of amendments by a bill put together by max bouckous. a vote expected next week once they can certify it won't add to the deficit. republicans are ramping up the attack. mitch mcconnell arguing the bill would cut benefits for seniors and raise taxes on individuals and businesses. joining me live from washington, d.c. is drew armstrong, health policy reporter and drew, good
7:56 am
morning. >> good morning. >> how similar does the baucus bill look like now compared to when he introduced it two weeks ago? >> some changes but they haven't been really, really substantial. the main thrust of the bill is still very much the same. it's still baucus' vision. a lot of amendments i would consider more of perfecting amendments, dialing up from color that dollars here and there trying to make it more affordable for consumers, but no dramatic change in the way it's constructed. >> deep divisions whether the government should sell insurance, in competition with private industries. where does the public option stand now? >> a big question in the next couple of weeks. senate majoritiy leader harry reid is in the middle of this, trying to pass a bill with a bill passed by the health committee a few months back. the biggest question he'll have to figure out is whether or not to include the public option in
7:57 am
that bill he's going to bring to the senate floor or whether or not he's going to allow senators to vote on it later on in the process. right now we think that's completely up in the air. i really don't think we're going to know for a few more days. he's got to take into serious political calculations whether or not he can overcome a filibuster if a public option is in the bill. >> how close is this to getting to the senate floor? >> i think about a week away. he's targeted the week of october 12th for when this thing is going to come on. it could take a week longer, if they aren't able to meld this kwiy quickly. in a few days, we'll see things move quickly to get the bill on the floor. >> drew, thanks soch. so much. >> happy to be on. and still ahead a continuing look at health care reform. should smokers have to pay more for their health insurance? will they be targeted? the battle against swine flu, the facts and fiction. what you need to do to protect yourself. we'll tell you here on "msnbc saturday."hat can do is arm ourselves...
7:58 am
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